LTAFS Resources

Most of these resources are included in the Let’s Talk About Fictional Sex newsletter series (soon to be book). There are a few additional here, and also having a page makes it easier to update.


Everyday Feminism – Sex Doesn’t Solve Ableism –

Disabled People are Better at Sex – includes discussions of sex work:

Common Ableist Terms You Might Be Using:


Attraction Steps:

Asexual Attraction: Warning – This link includes some discussion of sexual assault. –


Cup of Tea Video – contains swearing:

US States with affirmative consent laws:

RAINN’s Consent Definition:


UN report on Contraceptive use:

Note: the UN report focuses on a very cisgender approach to sexual activity.

Guttmacher Institute Fact Sheet on Contraception in the US:


Racial bias in dating app algorithms:

Experience mag’s look at dating on an app:

Drugs and Other Mood Altering Substances:

From Chocolate to Morphine by Dr. Andrew Weil – This book runs through the known data on a number of substances and how they affect the body.


Intersex Society of North America –

Note: Much of ISNA’s info refers to intersex folks as falling outside the gender binary, rather than being a totally normal part of the gender spectrum.

Note: APA’s definition of pansexual vs. bisexual is technically correct, but the parameters of both are changing within the queer community, so consultation with current members of the community is best there. 

Gender Essentialism is Flawed – Here’s Why:


Non-penetrative Sex –

Pregnancy and Fertility:



Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski – Primarily focused on cis-gender female human sexuality

Phallacy: Lessons From the Animal Penis by Emily Willingham – a look at the various ways animal intromitta have developed and operate and how that has functioned in human mythos. Note: There is some discussion of rape and sexual assault in the book.

Sex Needs a New Metaphor Ted Talk:

Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again: Women and Desire in the Age of Consent by Katherine Angel – A look at the current state of sex research and advocacy, and what it means for folks engaging with it.

Sex Curriculum:

Our Whole Lives – Lifespan Sexuality Education

Sexually Transmitted Infections:

AARP – STIs Rising in Older Adults:


Minor Access to Contraception and Adoption: :

Sexual Assault Support:

RAINN has resources and info to discuss sexual assault, and assisting loved ones who have experienced it, as well as links for those outside the US: The National Sexual Assault Hotline is available 24/7: Telephone: 800.656.HOPE (4673) Online chat: Español: