The City Complication Series:

Aloha to You shown in Book, phone, and tablet formats

Aloha to You

Seth is an aspiring journalist stuck in a day job he hates. When he interviews a DC-based lei maker he finds himself drawn to Adriana’s non-traditional approach to following her dreams. But will his doubts about her approach ultimately be their undoing?
Adriana’s already learned the dangers of living a life partially on line. She has set up boundaries and routines to keep herself safe. But it turns out routine can get a little, well, routine. Will Seth be the perfect addition to her life, or further proof that trusting others always ends in tears?
Some people have to find their dreams, Some people make them.

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Undercover Bridesmaid – A City Complications Novel – Rafe has been using charm both in and out of work. Finding himself the only groomsman at a weather interrupted bachelor party isn’t going to stop him from having fun. Felicia has made a living for herself helping out brides by posing as one of their bridesmaids. She’s used to handling all sorts of unexpected hitches, but a solo groomsman who keeps showing up at all the bachelorette events is a new one for her. It doesn’t matter if he’s hot, Felicia’s there to make the bride happy not herself. Not even if the bride decides a little matchmaking might make her happy.

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Hot Bartender Cover

Hot Bartender – A City Complications Novel –

Louise’s fast fingers and social media savvy have her spreading the story of a first date gone weird on social media.  But every story needs a good ending.  And Louise just told the world that she’s dating the bartender now.

Except Louise doesn’t really remember doing that. Oops. But he is nice. And hot.

Zane has been watching Louise have a series of first dates that all end with her chatting with him at the bar. Can he convince her he’s just the change of pace she needs?

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Repeated Burn cover

Repeated Burn – A City Entanglements Novella – 

Raven is already having a bad Monday, and the appearance of her ex’s new ex is not helping. She delivers Sienna to her brother Marcus, planning to wash her hands of the whole thing.
But the universe seems determined to throw her and Marcus together.
Marcus is used to cleaning up his little sister’s messes. They usually don’t involve attractive women. He is drawn to Raven’s independence and her confidence.
But Raven’s been burned by those who claimed to love her time and again. Will she be able to trust that Marcus is ready for the long haul?

This story originally appeared in the Do It Again Anthology. 

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Bait Girl – A Short Story – By day, Lucy is just a normal student trying to get through her final year of high school and figure out what’s next. By night, Lucy dons her party girl persona Zoe, gathering info and intervening to help other girls who might be in trouble. She’s the bait girl. It’s amazing how some eyeliner and some giggles make you blend in. Well, to everyone except this one boy. Will Lucy let him distract her from her mission?
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Cocky Cockers Anthology -This anthology has now been sunsetted. I will make my short available individually at some point.  Newsletter subscribers will have first notice.  My short – Cocker on the Porch involves a woman who teams up with her cute next door neighbor to look after an abandoned dog.


Let’s Talk About Fictional Sex: Writing Sex Scenes That Deepen Character

Sex scenes provide authors an opportunity to explore their characters more deeply.  (Pun intended!)  Fiction is not a how-to manual, but sex scenes are about more than how much description the author dedicates to the act. 

The choices characters make, from communication to contraception, are an often underutilized way demonstrate your characters’ experiences and expectations of both the world and their relationship expectations.  In this series, we’ll take a look at some of the basics of how the choices characters make regarding sex reveal their character.

Started as a newsletter series, but expanded into book form, available in ebook here: